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Hi fam, I’m working away on my very first novel (due out in early 2022) when I thought I’d share a peek of what it’s like living with seasonal depression. The air’s grown cold and the sun is scarce and I feel it in my brain – things are slowing down. My enjoyment of things I used to love is waning. My hygiene habits have also become lax. Lately, I’ve been particularly bothered by how long I’d let my fingernails get. It’s taken up a lot of space in my mind since I noticed them when I was taking selfies or when I’d scratch myself extra deep and accidentally draw blood. It was really starting to become a problem and an additional source of anxiety for me.

Well, this morning, I felt unusually inspired by the morning sun and a good night’s rest (never underestimate the importance of that, kids) and pulled out my nail clippers and hit play on my favorite podcast. Before I knew it, my nails were clipped and filed and now I’m super motivated to get more done today. I’m literally dancing and singing around my living room all because my nails make me feel the happy chemical. Typing is so much easier too!

The tiniest thing can brighten or ruin our days. It’s all about what you focus on. Be well, everyone! Peace and Love.

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