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Now is about waiting

Hi, y’all! I’ve been away for a few weeks, despite opening the blog up almost every day and meaning to post a new entry and then getting distracted by social media (usually). Welp, today is getting a blog post! Even if it’s about nothing – oh god, I hope it’s not about nothing.

Today’s blog post is about warming up your fingers. Writing exercises muscles and it’s important to warm up those muscles before you get to the serious writing.

Also, it’s 4:20 so let’s hear it for that! Jonathan takes a hit.

So, where am I? Not in that sense. But in a taking-stock-of-life sorta way. Well, I’m not supposed to call it “limbo” but I’m in limbo until Kickstarter releases the funds from my first campaign and I can pay my team of artists to begin work on my first book. In the meantime, I’ve finished writing the last poem for the book (it was fighting me but in the end, I think I triumphed). So now… I’m just sitting here. Avoiding work? What work? Well… I could get started on the next book. Shhh… just wait.

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